James A. Dumont

Counselor at Law

James Dumont


Employment Law Cases

Speaking Up About Misconduct

Jim represented the deputy administrator of a large ambulance service, who alleged she was fired because she made good faith complaints to the governing board about misconduct by her supervisor. The case was tried to a jury, and the jury found in favor of Jim’s client, awarding her several years of back pay.

Lewd Sexual Harassment

A woman was the victim of disgusting and intimidating lewd behavior by a large and threatening male co-worker. The employer had been warned repeatedly of his past misconduct but, apparently because of personal friendship, had taken only minor measures to address the behavior. This incident resulted in severe emotional distress, which mental health experts said disabled the victim from returning to work at this employer. The employer initially denied it had any responsibility for the incident or for lost income. Jim assisted the victim in obtaining fair compensation for her past and future lost income.

Protecting His Patients

Jim represented a physician whose contract was terminated by the physicians group he worked for. The physician alleged he was retaliated against for refusing to make referrals of his patients to certain local specialists whose care he believed could harm his patients. The case was dismissed by the trial court because the physician's contract allowed dismissal without cause. The case was reinstated by the Supreme Court of Vermont. The physician’s decision, and the Supreme Court’s recognition of his right to be free of retaliation for protecting his patients, was featured in an article in the national medical journal, Medical Economics

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