James A. Dumont

Counselor at Law

James Dumont


Environmental Law Cases

The Grand Council of the Crees

Jim represented the Grand Council of the Crees (of Quebec) in many years of administrative and state and federal court litigation in Vermont and New York, challenging Hydro-Quebec’s plans to develop huge water diversions in Cree territory without Cree permission.

The Northwest Reliability Project

Jim has represented the Town of New Haven before the Public Service Board in the $200 million VELCO “Northwest Reliability Project” high voltage line case. After VELCO refused to consider moving a large proposed substation away from a scenic vista in New Haven, the Town convinced the Board to order that the substation be relocated to a site where it will have relatively minor impact. Jim also has represented many homeowners in contested condemnation cases brought by VELCO and other utilities, and has obtained fair compensation substantially larger than the utility had offered.

Nonconconforming Use

A town granted permission for a florist shop to be converted to a takeout and sit-down restaurant, in a zoning district that was zoned for mixed residential and office use, not commercial use. The florist shop was already a nonconforming use. Jim assisted neighboring landowners in obtaining a judgment from the Environmental Court that the Town’s zoning decision was unlawful.

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