James A. Dumont

Counselor at Law

James Dumont


Worker's Compensation Cases

A Fall on the Way to the Bank

A convenience store employee fell while obtaining the day’s change from the local bank. The employer’s insurer claimed her knee injury was not work-related, and refused to pay workers compensation. She asked Jim to represent her. After a contested hearing, the Department of Labor ruled in the employee’s favor.

A Truckdriver and the Undocumented Back Injury

A longtime truck driver experienced crippling lower back pain, making it impossible for him to continue work. His employer’s workers compensation insurer denied that it was work-related, and argued that his only work injury in their records was to one of his legs. Jim took depositions of other employees to prove that the supervisor had failed to document repeated complaints of back pain, and worked with a team of physicians to explain the cause of the injury. The case settled before the Labor Department trial.

Too Much Lifting

A female assistant in a large institutional kitchen suffered sudden back pain while lifting. The pain persisted and rendered her unable to work. The workers compensation insurance company denied coverage, because her back condition was a long-term degenerative disease. Jim worked with her physician to prove that while she did have a long-term degenerative condition, it was the added stress of the job that brought on the symptoms

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